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Call for Meeting: Tibi Town Hall for Clubs / Residents

The Tibi Town Hall invites all residents and clubs to participate in the next meeting to be held on Friday, June 7, at 8:30 PM in the Municipal Auditorium. This meeting will address the following agenda:

  1. Activity Programming: Activities to be carried out in the municipality in the coming months will be discussed and planned.
  2. Proposals for Activities by Clubs and Residents and Possibilities for Change: There will be a space for clubs and residents to present their activity proposals, and the possibilities of making changes to the existing programming will be analyzed.

The meeting will be an excellent opportunity for all the citizens of Tibi to actively participate in community life and contribute with their ideas and suggestions.

Date and Time: Friday, June 7, at 8:30 PM.
Place: Municipal Auditorium of Tibi.

Don’t miss it, your participation is important to build a better Tibi together.


VI Facade decoration competition for Christmas motifs

VI Facade decoration competition for Christmas motifs

The magic of Christmas is knocking on our doors, and this year we want our facades to be the window to the joy, creativity and warmth that this season brings with it. Will you join us in the Christmas Facade Decoration Contest?

Imagine our streets full of twinkling lights, twinkling decorations and Christmas motifs that fill everyone with excitement. Each facade can become a magical story that shares the Christmas spirit with each passerby, a visual gift that unites us as a community.

It’s not just about lights and decorations, it’s about sharing smiles, creating memories and making our neighborhood shine with the magic of Christmas. Each flash of light is like a warm hug that we wrap around our town, creating a unique and special atmosphere.

How about we turn our houses into a Christmas canvas? Your creativity can be the spark that ignites the holiday spirit in all of us. Participate, beautify your facade and join the celebration that will make our streets shine with authentic Christmas splendor.

No matter how big or small your decorated corner is, every detail counts and contributes to the collective magic. Let’s create together a gallery of facades that reflects the diversity and love that defines us as a community.

Dare to participate in this contest that unites hearts and awakens the excitement of Christmas in every corner of our beloved neighborhood! Let’s make this season an unforgettable experience for everyone.

VI Concurso fachadas navideñas


VI Concurso de Fachadas Navideñas

V Christmas Card Contest


The magic of Christmas is about to envelop Tibi, and what better way to celebrate than by uniting hearts and talents. This year, we want to invite you all to participate in our Christmas contest, where creativity and joy will intertwine to create unforgettable moments.

Have you ever felt the excitement of sharing Christmas with your community? This is the perfect time to do it. We want every street, every corner of our beloved town to be illuminated with the Christmas spirit. We all have something special to contribute, whether through bright decorations, traditional recipes, or even stories that fill us with warmth.

This contest is not only about winning prizes, but about building memories that will last over time. Imagine the shine in the children’s eyes when sharing their Christmas cards, when decorating them as a family. The magic is in everyone’s participation, in the union of our hands and hearts.

So join us in this beautiful celebration! No matter how big or small your ideas are, each contribution adds up and makes our town shine with its own light. Let’s build together an unforgettable Christmas, full of love, solidarity and special moments.

V Concurso Tarjetas de Navidad

Tibi hosts the Solidarity March Against Cancer for another year

This Sunday, October 29, Tibi has been dyed pink again in the VI March against Cancer organized by the Tibi Headquarters Anti-Cancer Association, in collaboration with the City Council and numerous solidarity entities that have joined in a social event at the same time How important.

Express all our gratitude to the more than 600 people who have turned Tibi into a pink tide throughout its streets, a commitment of our community for a good cause.

A day in which the splendid weather was fully present, and where the emotion, camaraderie, joy, and musical animation added a special touch to the occasion. The atmosphere was truly inspiring, reminding us of the importance of uniting in the fight against cancer.

At the beginning of the event, the manifesto was read, which we leave you in its entirety. At the end of the event, a picaeta was enjoyed in the Sports Center.

From the Department of Communication, the means were enabled to make a video of the day, which you can now enjoy on the YouTube Channel.

From the Cancer Association and through its president, we would like to thank all the sponsors for their generous contribution, which was fundamental to the success of this march. In particular, we extend our gratitude to ANEM AVANT for their delicious homemade sweets, made with so much love and craftsmanship by the members. These details make the solidarity pick even more significant.


Manifiesto Cáncer de Mama 2023

XVII Fira Tradicional d’artesania i oficis de Tibi

Tibi se llena de artesanía, tradiciones, gastronomía local, comercio y asociacionismo con la XVII Feria Tradicional de Artesanía y Oficios. 🎨✨

Te esperamos con lo mejor de la artesanía y gastronomía local, donde podrás descubrir tesoros únicos y aprender sobre oficios que han pasado de generación en generación. ¡Una experiencia que no te puedes perder!

Disfruta de talleres en vivo, donde artesanos expertos compartirán sus habilidades, y podrás crear tus propias obras maestras. Además, habrá puestos de artesanía a través de la asociación Amata, todo hecho a mano con amor y dedicación.
¡Ven con tu familia y amigos a disfrutar de un ambiente festivo y un entorno maravilloso! La XVII Feria Tradicional de Artesanía y Oficios en Tibi es el lugar perfecto para encontrar regalos únicos y pasar un día inolvidable.

La feria estará abierta del 20 al 22 de octubre en el Paseo de la Santa, Paseo de la Alameda y Plaza de la Glorieta.

¡Te esperamos para celebrar la tradición y la creatividad en la XVII Feria Tradicional de Artesanía y Oficios en Tibi! ¡No faltes!

Programación XVII Fira
Programación Fira

Actions of the municipal government before COVID-19

Since the beginning of this unexpected situation, the government team has acted as quickly as possible following the established recommendations of both national and regional government institutions.
Preserving the health of all citizens has been and continues to be the only intention that prevails in this action and that is only possible with the good understanding and sense of responsibility of all residents.