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This Sunday, October 29, Tibi has been dyed pink again in the VI March against Cancer organized by the Tibi Headquarters Anti-Cancer Association, in collaboration with the City Council and numerous solidarity entities that have joined in a social event at the same time How important.

Express all our gratitude to the more than 600 people who have turned Tibi into a pink tide throughout its streets, a commitment of our community for a good cause.

A day in which the splendid weather was fully present, and where the emotion, camaraderie, joy, and musical animation added a special touch to the occasion. The atmosphere was truly inspiring, reminding us of the importance of uniting in the fight against cancer.

At the beginning of the event, the manifesto was read, which we leave you in its entirety. At the end of the event, a picaeta was enjoyed in the Sports Center.

From the Department of Communication, the means were enabled to make a video of the day, which you can now enjoy on the YouTube Channel.

From the Cancer Association and through its president, we would like to thank all the sponsors for their generous contribution, which was fundamental to the success of this march. In particular, we extend our gratitude to ANEM AVANT for their delicious homemade sweets, made with so much love and craftsmanship by the members. These details make the solidarity pick even more significant.


Manifiesto Cáncer de Mama 2023